“I <3 Taxes"?

mugUm, no. No one does that I’ve ever met, at least.

With 2014 underway, tax season looms large. Self-employed folks dread the out of pocket payments, and members of the working class pray into the wee hours of the morning that their tax return will be large enough to pay off credit card bills.

Tell us, are your stressed? Does the idea of giving Uncle Sam even a single cent more of your hard-earned cash disgust you to no end? Wonder where that extra money is going to come from to pay the tax man?

For people who index, stress fades into oblivion. For people who index, extra cash is always available (tax-free, we might add). For people who index, the shenanigans of both the Fed and the volatile stock market matter not.

Want to be one of these people? In 2o14, have a resolution to never lose money again!


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